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Tank is a 1996 Ford Bronco, Eddie Bauer  351W 5.0L

Back when I was 24 and started my first company, I was driving on Naval Amphibious Base Coronado every single day. One day I saw a Bronco parked in the lot across from the BUDS pool and I thought "Wow that's a nice truck!" (This coming from a girl that had only ever had eyes for fancy cars.) I thought about that Bronco for months to come. I saw it again a year later parked in the same spot but this time for sale. I called, he wanted 6k for it and never called me back to schedule a test drive. I called again and he said he was now hesitant on selling. By this time I was obsessed! I needed to own a Bronco! One day I would own a Bronco! 

The word was out that I was looking for one but I was never that aggressive about making it happen. A couple of years passed and I suddenly got a phone call from a friend, he explained to me that he knew I wanted a Bronco and that his buddy had just got out of the Navy, was strapped for cash and would take $3500 for his Bronco if I was interested. I told him to tell his buddy I wont test drive it and will just come pick it up if he'll accept 3k for it. My friend called me back and said that his buddy agreed to $2500 no test drive just come get.... DEAL! hahaha! I showed up at this guys house, got out of the car, took one look at the Bronco and said "HOLY SHIT THIS IS THE BRONCO THAT WAS ON BASE A FEW YEARS AGO!!!!!!!!!!!" And guess what it was! I went in to meet the guy and he recalled talking to me years ago about a test drive. I fucking manifested that Bronco! Well, 4 years later that Bronco now goes by the name Tank and he is everything! He has molded me into the woman I am today. Tank opened my eyes to how much I love working on trucks, how incredible it is to finally find something my brain really wraps around and understands. Tank has inspired all of my How to videos on YouTube and has been the best teacher I've ever had. Tanks now getting prepped and ready for a journey across the country!  People doubt Tank has it in him to make it, just you wait and see!!!! Tank never fails to amaze me! 



I make videos that document my life and I throw in some How-to videos every once in a while when either something on my Bronco breaks and I have to repair it myself or I decide to wing it and try do upgrades myself. Just having some fun, sharing my journey and making new friends.

Sir Buddy and Boujii Bear


I moved into my first 3 bedroom home by myself at 25 and I was incredibly lonely. I finally had the space to home my dream dog. He already had a name years before he was born, it was time to find "Buddy." Within a couple of weeks Buddy arrived and quickly showed me he would not go by just bud but "Sir Buddy." 

A year later I hopped on my golf cart and headed towards the beach to grab some breakfast. There at the Wave Cafe under the breakfast specials sign was a little baby wiener dog, shaking and looking scared. I asked the man sitting in a chair next to her if I could pet. He said yes and the dog quickly jumped into my arms. She put her head in my hair and clung to me. The mans wife walked out of the main entrance to the cafe and said "oh now thats some BS!! That dog won't let me touch her let alone hold her! Do you want to keep her!?" I looked at the lady holding out the leash for me to grab, I looked down at the puppy in my arms, grabbed that leash and said Hasta La Vista!!! The puppy and I jumped onto that golf cart, I shouted one last "are you sure!?" and we took off like dust in the wind. We arrived at her new doggie heaven, Sir Buddy was eagerly awaiting us in the window, they were introduced in the front yard and became the best of friends. I named her Odette (after the swan princess) but over time she became Boujii, sometimes Boujii Bear. I guess not only do dogs pick there owners if they have the chance, but they also pick their names. They are the loves of my life.